Types of Therapy

Each therapist will work in a slightly different way, and there are different ideas or theories behind what we do. Some people like to know more about how I work, and other people like to know the academic reasons behind what I do. This page will give you an idea of both these things.

Therapy - or Counselling

Some people call it therapy, and others call it counselling (and there is not right or wrong answer to that question). I take a really wide view of therapy and I include various ideas, techniques or 'modalities' into what I do.

At the centre of it all I look at everyone as an individual, and offer you a space to talk about whatever it is you would like to talk about. I offer care, respect and a chance to talk without someone trying to 'fix things', make judgements or tell other people. In your time with me we might explore past events, relationships or what is happening in your life, but at the centre of it is always you - and how you feel about yourself.

My 'techniques'

Mostly, I don't rely on giving you 'technques'. There are some practical things that you can do that might help in your life, and I do talk about these during sessions, but actually the most important things I do are to listen and to care. A lot of times when we share difficult things with the people around us, they quickly start to look for solutions, or tell you about how that reminds them of their own problems. It can be a real relief to talk to someone, like me, that knows how to really listen.

One part of my work is a system called EMDR. This is a way of reprocessing traumatic memories - often with eye movements. If you are interested in this then have a look at my EMDR page.