What I Offer

Therapy For Adults

What is holding you back? Do you know what is causing your difficulties? Some people know exactly what they are struggling with, but if not I can help you identify and work through those things that might be holding you back, or to make sense of your responses and reactions to events and the people around you.

Therapy For Children
& Young People

Working with children is very different to working with adults - they are not simply smaller versions of adults. It is important to find a therapist that is trained and experienced working with children and young people. When I work with children or young people, I use a really wide variety of approaches - sometimes it might be talking about what's going on, but often it is through play, games and other activities. Building trust and confidence is crucial, and allowing space for them to explore is a central part of how I work.

EMDR - Trauma Therapy

EMDR is Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. When we have experiences in traumatic situations we can often store those memories in a very different way. We might experience flashbacks, or just get stuck in a way of thinking about these events. EMDR is a way of 'reprocessing' or refiling those memories so that they lose their powerful emotional sting. It is difficult to full explain how it works, but for clients with traumatic experiences they are struggling to work through, it can be a valuable processes.