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Welcome To James Crockford Photography

Whether you are looking for beautiful
photographs of your pet, relaxed and informal family portraits, or you are looking for a
photographer for your wedding, thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to mooch around my website, and if you would like more
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As a renowned and award winning UK wedding photographer, I take natural and beautiful wedding photographs across Birmingham, the wider West Midlands area, and the surrounding counties of Worcestershire & Warwickshire. My style incorporates relaxed and natural shots of you and your guests, as well as stylish and creative photos of you and your partner. You can find my wedding information here

Pet Portraits

Award Winning Pet Photography. As a country we all love our pets, and everyone loves fantastic pet portraits. My beautiful pet photography captures your pet's character perfectly - all at your home or your pet's favourite location. I have two styles of pet photography - natural pet portraits and Decidedly Different Dogs - unique styled photos of dogs.


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Family Portraits

Natural, stylish and relaxed family and children's portrait photography. As a parent you want photographs that capture the character of your children. Taken on location. my portrait sessions are informal and fun, so that the whole family can be themselves. Whether it is a small and compact family or several generations all together, your family portraits are the perfect way to capture your family, as they are. Every session unique, every session fun.

Corporate & Commercial Photography

If you are looking for corporate and commercial photography then you are nearly in the right place.  All of my corporate and commercial work is done through Associated Images.  Please just contact Associated Images to talk through what you are looking for.   associated images business LOGO Email  

Welcome to James Crockford Photography

Thank you for taking the time to have a look around my website. As a photographer, there is nothing more I enjoy than taking photos. It has been my hobby, my passion and my career for many years. It doesn't matter what I am taking photographs of, I just enjoy the experience.

There are a few different aspects to what I do. Particularly I enjoy taking photographs of people - most people find it a strange experience having their photographs taken, and for me the first challenge is to make them feel comfortable.

I talk to people. I listen to them. I find out what makes them tick. It is only after this that I can really start to capture them and their personality.

This is even more important with family portraits. Kids are honest and direct most of the time, and they see through you if you are not genuine. For me, the art of family photography, and children's photography in particular, is being able to pose people without them feeling like they are being posed. Through experience I have learnt how to get the most out of children, whether they are outgoing and noisy, or whether they are quiet and introverted. I also have experience with photographing children who may have learning difficulties or disabilities that sometimes mean they have fewer beautiful photos of them.

My personal challenge is to make sure everyone has a set of photographs that they love.

I take a similar approach to pet photography. Much of my work is dog portraits, but I have taken photos of a range of animals over the years. Pet owners love their pets - they lavish them with time and energy, and so a set of gorgeous photographs are really valued by them. Sometimes it is a new pet, bouncing around being young, and other times it is a beloved pet in the twilight years. Getting to know a family pet is a joy for me, and the photographs I take are treasured for years to come.

My experience with photographing people all comes together for wedding photography. Weddings are wonderful events, sometimes big, sometimes small, but always very special. My job as a photographer is not only to get great shots of the day, but also to make sure I do it in the right way. Sometimes I merge into the background, sometimes I have to encourage large groups of people to the right place at the right time. What is most important to me is that the family and friends (and most importantly the couple) see me as an enjoyable part of the occasion, and not as distraction. It is a genuine privilege to be there with a couple as they get married, and an even bigger honour that they look at my photographs for years to come and remember fondly of their wedding day.

I hope my enjoyment for taking photos and my ability to capture people comes across in my website. I look forward to hearing from you in person.



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