Therapy for Adults

Therapy can be a really valuable process for many people, but for you there are a few things to think about. Firstly, it is about the connection that you make with your therapist, and then about how they work, and then lastly if both these things fit in with what you need.

Therapy is a process that we go through together, and it is unique for each person.

With that in mind, if you are looking to make some changes in your life, or looking to understand yourself better, the simple first step is to drop me a line - email, text or phone (which ever you prefer), and we can have a brief conversation about what you are hoping for, and if the timings for sessions might work (at least in theory).

After this I usually arrange an informal session so that we can start to see if we might work well together - this would be free of charge.

If you are still happy, then we can look at times and days for a regular therapy session.

Knowing what to expect is really important to me, so have a read through this site, ask me online, or in person, and we can work out a way forward.

Why therapy?

Making changes in our selves can be really difficult. Sometimes we know what we are struggling with, and often we just feel that things are not as balanced as we would like. By talking it through with a therapist, like me, it can be a valuable way of making sense of the difficulties you are facing, and finding paths through them.

Why James?

I am an experienced therapist that takes each person as they are. I don't judge, I don't tell you what to do, but I can offer a space to talk, with someone that will offer a genuine warmth and care. At times I might challenge you, if it is appropriate, but that will come with time and trust.

I work with a wide variety of clients - some shorter term and some longer term, and people come to me with a really broad range of difficulties, but many people come to me if they are trying to make sense of being neurodiverse, LGBTQ+ or struggling with trauma.

What will it be like..?

Therapy can be a strange process if you have not experienced it before. Find out what it might be like here: