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Goodwin Family Portraits

So, because of the website developments the blog has a bit of catching up to do.   I have had so many lovely shoots recently I am really keen to share them with everyone. I am going to start off with some family portraits that I did a few weeks ago.  Daphne and Peter Goodwin […]

Family Portraits in London

I spent a weekend in London a couple of weeks ago and did two lovely but very different portrait session.  The first was with Colin and Susie, and their little boy, Tristan.  Tristan loves his football, so we went over to Wandsworth Common with a football, a rugby ball, and some bread for the ducks. […]

Patel & Miller Family Shoot

One of the things I love about my job is the diversity.  One day I am shooting a wedding, the next a corporate gig, and other times working on portraits.  Even within each genre every shoot is different; no two weddings are ever the same, and no two portrait sessions either.  This is the massive […]

A Crockford Christmas Blog

And relax…. So after a final rush to get all my Christmas portraits framed, thanks to the fantastic Pete at Frame Tec (who finished off my pictures so they look amazing on the client’s wall), we were finally able to leave Birmingham, head out of the snowy metropolis that is the west midlands, and reach […]

Christmas Portraits – a busy time of year

I love Christmas. As much as I know it is a fixed date, I always seem to have a last minute rush to get everything sorted before the big close-down. The rest of the world also seems to do the same, and you would have thought, knowing that it is definintely going to happen each […]