Awards – Pet, Architectural and Commercial Awards

2012 Update:

I have recently won the 2012 West Midlands Master Photographer’s Association Commercial Photographer Award, with this image of the stunning McLaren. Unfortunately McLaren wouldn’t let me take it home…

Winning image of the 2012 West Midlands MPA Commercial Photographer Award


I was honoured again to be awarded some commendations and awards as part of the West Midlands Master Photographers Association.  It is always good to be recognised by some of the top UK photographers, who judge these awards, so I was very pleased to accept these awards.

I won the Pet Photographer of the Year with my photo of Scrumpy on his specially designed seat (so he can sit around the garden table with everyone else):


Award winning Pet Photography Image - Scrumpy the Dog

West Midlands MPA Pet Photographer 2011 – Winning Image

I also won the category of Commercial Photographer of the Year, for an image taken of a water fountain at a new school in Birmingham, for my clients involved in Building Schools for the Future programme. This image also went on to help me win Master Photographers Association National Awards for Architectural and Commercial Photographer of the Year 2011.

Winning Commercial Photography Image

Winning Image for West Midlands MPA Commercial Photographer 2011

I was highly commended in the category of West Midlands MPA Under 5’s Portraits (that is the subject is under 5 – I didn’t have to lie about my age).