Family Portraits in the Cotswolds – a holiday to remember

Holiday Portraits to Remember

There are many reasons why people arrange family portraits, and one of my personal favourites is when families all get together for a holiday.  It is even better when many generations of a family go to a big cottage together for the weekend because these gatherings are usually much more rare.  When you get three (orChildrens portrait in the cotswolds more) generations in a family it usually becomes that much more difficult to arrange family times together.  Often people spread across the country, and each individual family have their own busy lives.  However there are certain occasions that bring grandparents, children and grandchildren together – a milestone birthday or wedding anniversary for example.  We have done this with my own family – we had a weekend away all together in relaxed and pleasant surroundings, and had an amazing weekend.

The Batchelor family had asked me along as they were staying at Kate and Tom’s cottage to photograph them all for their family celebration.  When I am taking family portraits in the cotswolds, particularly when a family is on holiday, I find it so important to make sure that we make the most of the environment. It is such a lovely part of the world and there are some very beautiful cottages in the area, so I am able to find the interesting spots in the garden, or use the lovely landscape as a backdrop. As with all my shoots, I want it to be fun – even more so on days like this as everyone is on holiday, and celebrating a special occasion.

Grandparents and grandchildren on holiday at Kate and Toms cottage
Aunt and uncle with their nephews and nieces

With a photo session of three generations, I generally look to get a good variety of photographs of the groups of families, but it is also a good opportunity to get some lovely photographs of the grandchildren on their own or with their siblings.  And what grandparent wouldn’t want a lovely photo of them with their grandkids?   I am honoured to be a part of many people’s holidays together to capture the opportunity, and it is always very satisfying to know that the photographs from this family portrait in the cotswolds, on such a happy occasion, will be treasured for many years to come.

If you are on holiday with your extended family and would like to book a portrait photography session please do get in touch.
Big Cottage family portrait in the cotswolds by the shedPortrait leaning against a fence in the cotswolds black and white portrait at Kate and Toms cottage two brothers hug on their family holiday in the cotswolds

Written by James Crockford

James Crockford

As a photographer, I genuinely enjoy the process of taking photos – the interaction, creativity and happy clients keep me enthusiastic and innovative. Many people find it awkward having their photograph taken – I use my experience to put people at ease so that I can get the most out of them, often in a short period of time.

Over the years I have been a professional photograph, I have won both regional and national awards, and I have been awarded an LMPA from the Master Photographers Association.

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