My Family’s Fall From Riches…

My mother is really into her family history, and has spent many countless hours researching various limbs of the family tree.  She has amassed a vast knowledge of who was who and we have some really quite interesting relatives – some of whom lived was in the Warwickshire area.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had done a family portrait in a small village in Warwickshire, and when I said the name, Moreton Morrell, she said ‘Oh I know Moreton Morrell, some of our relatives lived there….’.  I then happened to mention that I had taken photos in the grounds of Moreton Hall which was now a college, and realised that this was actually where they had lived, and were buried in the church yard next door.  They were the Oldham family, who must have lived there for a generation or so, and at one point John Seeley Oldham (born 1808) was up in court after his horse had kicked a man called Robert Talbot and killed him.  There was also another part of the family (Clement Hurlston) who lived at Three Gates, Moreton Morrell.

So the next time I visited my clients I went into the church to find where they were buried, and grabbed a quick shot of our ancestral home….. Just one question Mum – WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO???


Written by James Crockford

James Crockford

As a photographer, I genuinely enjoy the process of taking photos – the interaction, creativity and happy clients keep me enthusiastic and innovative. Many people find it awkward having their photograph taken – I use my experience to put people at ease so that I can get the most out of them, often in a short period of time.

Over the years I have been a professional photograph, I have won both regional and national awards, and I have been awarded an LMPA from the Master Photographers Association.

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