Family Portraits – playing is a serious business…

I like to make sure I get a good variety of pictures when I am taking family portraits – every family is unique and every portrait session reflects this – so making sure children can spend some time playing not only means they have fun, but also that I can get some photos of them just being themselves.

I went over to the Warwickshire countryside to spend a bit of time with Nicky, Paul and their family, and when I was looking at blogging some preview shots I loved some of the quieter shots of the three children just absorbed in play (well apart from the trampoline photo, which doesn’t fit into the ‘contemplative’ catagory…).  Each of the three were so different – whether it was books, lego or dinoaurs, and it was great spending a bit of time with each finding out about what made them tick.

Having said that…. it was also hilarious taking photos of all three on the trampoline seeing who could throw the strangest shape while bouncing.  And by the way, despite appearances, the littlest one is definitely the biggest (at least in his own mind – something I can relate to being the youngest of three myself…)

Now that Nicki and Paul have had a chance to view them, I have added a few more to this post…


Family portrait Family PortaitFamily PortraitFamily portrait

Written by James Crockford

James Crockford

As a photographer, I genuinely enjoy the process of taking photos – the interaction, creativity and happy clients keep me enthusiastic and innovative. Many people find it awkward having their photograph taken – I use my experience to put people at ease so that I can get the most out of them, often in a short period of time.

Over the years I have been a professional photograph, I have won both regional and national awards, and I have been awarded an LMPA from the Master Photographers Association.

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