Worcestershire Dog Portraits – Jake & Jed

I really miss having dogs, which is one of the many reasons I enjoy spending an afternoon with people and their pets – I get to play about with dogs chasing balls, and go out for a walk in some beautiful scenery.

Brian and Fran asked me down to photograph their two dogs, Jake and Jed (in fact it was a Valentines day present from Brian) at their home in deepest darkest Worcestershire. With animal photo sessions, I like to take a bit of time chatting to their owners to find out a bit about them (in the same way I do with any of my clients really), and then spent a couple of hours photographing the dogs in their home and then out on a walk.

Jake and Jed were a good laugh to photograph – just as they were calming down, one or the other would spot a ball and start bounding about again, so we made use of some of that energy out in some long grass on our walk and got them leaping about and disappearing in the greenery.

You may have already seen the ultimate sneak preview photo up on my Facebook page (take a look if not – it’s one of my favourite photos from the session…), so here is a little preview from the shoot… (and Brian you will be pleased to hear that I am writing this with a glass of pinot next to me… )



Written by James Crockford

James Crockford

As a photographer, I genuinely enjoy the process of taking photos – the interaction, creativity and happy clients keep me enthusiastic and innovative. Many people find it awkward having their photograph taken – I use my experience to put people at ease so that I can get the most out of them, often in a short period of time.

Over the years I have been a professional photograph, I have won both regional and national awards, and I have been awarded an LMPA from the Master Photographers Association.

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